This single family residence in Redondo Beach has undergone an exterior renovation, transforming its original conventional 1950s style to a Mediterranean-inspired transitional one. On the interior, the spaces have been reconfigured and refinished to create a master suite and the kitchen and bathroom have been updated.

After: street view showing new roofing, stucco, windows, and landscaping.

Before & After: view of entrance from the street. Existing wood panels were removed and building exterior was refinished with new stucco, windows and roofing were replaced.  


Before & After: view of front entrance. A new concrete walkway and stairs were constructed, as well as a new gate to the back of the property. 

Before & After: entry door, house numbers, and exterior lights were replaced and new landscaping was implemented. 

Before & After: area now designated as master suite required a larger opening to the side yard, with steps down. The older sliding door was replaced with a pair of french doors and sidelites to bring in maximum light and provide easy access to the exterior. 

Before & After: original hardscape and landscape areas were reworked and a new retaining wall built to create different levels of terraces.

Before & After: existing solid wood entry door was replaced with a frosted glass panel door to allow natural light into the space.

Before & After: new windows were installed, painted wood paneling on the walls was removed, carpet was replaced with hardwood, and the brick fireplace was refaced with natural stone. 

Before & After: narrow bathroom was opened up to create a master suite shower and vanity. 

After: master bathroom.

Before & After: this bedroom was expanded to create a master suite, existing sliding door was replaced with larger french doors and concrete steps were added for access into the side yard.

Before & After: this guest room was made private by removing the windows facing the neighbor's property, while creating a larger opening to the back yard by adding a pair of french doors and sidelites and concrete steps. 

Before & After: the detached garage was refinished by pouring a new finished epoxy floor, replacing the roll-up door,  adding lighting and drywall to the studs, and painting the interior of the structure.